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Roads and bridges are the backbone of any successful community. We rely on them to safely take us from our house to work and back again, to get our children to and from school, and to transport goods and services throughout our region, the country, and – in some cases – the world.

That is why Sedgwick County takes its investment in this infrastructure seriously. For many years, the County has participated in or led efforts to study the transportation needs in our community, specifically focusing on those areas where improvements can lead to economic growth.

Several years ago, the South Area Transportation Study (SATS) identified the 95th Street Corridor, from Greenwich Road to Meridian Avenue, as a place where improved mobility and access could support future growth needs. The study also included a recommendation for a new bridge over the Arkansas River. Our goal is to further refine what those recommendations mean, because improvements in the southern part of our County could lead to increased economic growth and quality of life for people who live there. We are proud to sponsor the ARC95 (Arkansas River Crossing – 95th Street South) study.

We look forward to hearing from you, integrating those thoughts into a plan, and determining if it makes sense for Sedgwick County to invest in this part of our infrastructure.

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