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The ARC95 (Arkansas River Crossing – 95th Street South) Study expands on previous work, examining the potential for transportation, land use and development in cities, towns and unincorporated areas of southern Sedgwick County. The potential for 95th Street South as a possible upgrade toward improving access and mobility to the southern part of the county surfaced in the 2008 South Area Transportation Study conducted by the Wichita Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (WAMPO). That report can be found here:

Other Plans related to development in the Southern Part of Wichita and Sedgwick County

South Broadway Corridor Plan

South Broadway Corridor

The ultimate purpose of any plan is to develop solutions that address future circumstances for a specific location, area or organization. These recommendations seek to remedy transportation, land use and development issue found along South Broadway from 87th St. South to 63rd St. South in unincorporated Sedgwick County and the City of Haysville, Kansas.

South Meridian Corridor Plan

South Meridian Corridor

The South Meridian Corridor Plan provides guidance for future improvements to an approximate 5.4-mile portion of Meridian Avenue within the southern part of Sedgwick County.

Quad Cities Joint Area Plan

Quad Cities

In early 2011, the cities of Derby, Haysville, Mulvane and Wichita partnered with Sedgwick County to develop a multi-jurisdictional, joint area plan to address key long-term land use issues of mutual interest in the unincorporated area of Sedgwick County located north of the Kansas Star Casino (in Sumner County).

Casino Area Transportation Plan

Casino Area Transportation

The Kansas Department of Transportation partnered with the city of Mulvane, the city of Haysville, Sumner County, Sedgwick County, the Kansas Turnpike Authority, and the Wichita Area Metropolitan Planning Organization to develop the US-81/K-53 Casino Area Transportation Plan.

Derby-Mulvane Joint Area Plan

Derby / Mulvane Joint Area Plan

The plan helps to coordinate area stakeholders helping to ensure that residents of the area will have a high quality of life and access to efficient services

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