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ARC95 Projected Timeline

By mid-2017, the ARC95 study will be complete. The milestones between here and there get us to that destination. Below is a revised timeline that will help the ARC95 study become reality.

1st Quarter 2016
  • Project planning
  • Land use, traffic analysis
  • Utility review
2nd Quarter 2016
  • Website launch
  • Environmental scan/NEPA evaluation
3rd Quarter 2016
  • Ped-Bike and equestrian facilities
  • Hydrology and hydraulics
  • Bridge concepts
  • KTA concept
  • Public meetings – Derby, Haysville
  • Stakeholder meetings
4th Quarter 2016
  • Develop CIP
  • Develop right of way costs
  • Develop access management plan
  • Identify future funding
  • Permitting review
  • Public meetings – Derby, Haysville
1st Quarter 2017
  • Review and revise preliminary report
  • Advisory committee meetings

2nd Quarter 2017

  • Final community meetings in Derby, Haysville
  • Final Report

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