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Starting in Spring 2016, and for the next year, people who live and work near the 95th Street corridor in southern Sedgwick County provided input on the ARC95 (Arkansas River Crossing – 95th Street South) study. At community meetings in Derby and Haysville, as well as through this website and on social media, hundreds of comments were collected, and questions answered.

Now, the study is wrapping up with findings that suggest a three-phased implementation plan based on potential economic and residential growth in the area. Projects could start in the next few years, and be phased in as budgets and priorities allow.

The study looks at traffic patterns, future residential and commercial development, emergency services, farm access, environmental impact, types of grade crossings with K-15 and BNSF. While led by Sedgwick County, the City of Derby, City of Haysville, Kansas Department of Transportation, Kansas Turnpike Authority (KTA), and Wichita Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (WAMPO) provided input on the study.

Recommendations focused on the span of 95th Street from Greenwich Road to Meridian Avenue, where improved mobility and access could support future growth needs. They include:

Phase 1:

  • 95th Street, Woodlawn to Hillside – bridge over Arkansas River, BSNF Railroad and K-15

Phase 2:

  • Broadway and 95th Street turn lanes
  • Hydraulic and 95th Street turn lanes
  • Hillside and 95th Street turn lanes
  • Kansas Turnpike Authority (KTA) and 95th Street interchange
  • Broadway to KTA interchange 95th Street widening
  • KTA interchange to Hillside 95th Street widening

Phase 3:

  • 95th Street, Hydraulic to Hillside, three lane widening

Future Phases:

  • 95th Street, Greenwich to Woodlawn
  • 95th St Meridian to Broadway

Estimated construction costs for the three phases is between $90 and $100 million. Prices could vary as much as 30 percent, based on material costs and inflation. Funding options could be pursued at the state, federal and local levels.

The study will be presented at the Wichita-Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (WAMPO) and the Board of Sedgwick County Commissioners in the next few months. The Commission will consider adopting the plan as part of its long-term Capital Improvement Plan.

As county leaders said at the beginning of this study, roads and bridges are the backbone of any successful community. The investment in infrastructure is serious and could lead to increased economic growth and quality of life for people who live and work in southern Sedgwick County.

Please check back in the next few weeks to see maps that outline the phases, as well as information about the presentations at the WAMPO and Board of County Commissioners meetings.

A Plan In Motion: Explaining the project from the beginning

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